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Lookin’ like a painted whore today

Because I decided to look up a tutorial on how to do eye makeup for hooded lids (or “bedroom eyes” which is seriously a much better term than “hooded lids”).

'Cause, you know…if you just do it normal, all of your efforts are pretty much wasted since it all ends up HIDDEN FROM FUCKING VIEW ANYWAY.



The only good tutorials I found didn’t involve any actual pictures, however, so I pretty much had no idea what they were talking about. Apparently I can’t learn shit without pictures. So I mostly just made shit up.

But then I somehow managed to highlight the fact that my eyes have the slightest downward tilt at the outer edges. So, yes, I did achieve the goal of makeuping my “bedroom eyes” to look larger since that’s a common problem with this eye shape—but with the downward tilting thing, I also made them look very, very sad.

I am now Eeyore.

Except also a painted whore.

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